AEG Magnetophone K8

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  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Year of manufacture: 1945 to approx. 1950

The device K8 is the first device from the post-war production. The K8 also documents the beginning brand change from AEG to Telefunken. Originally built in factories in Berlin, production moved to the western occupation zones. Still made from leftover parts in Berlin, reconstruction as the Telefunken Magnetophonwerk was slowly begun in the new manufacturing facility.

These devices were still sold under the brand names AEG

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Motors: 3
  • Tubes: ?
  • Bandwidth: 6,5 mm
  • Tape speed: 77 cm/s
  • Frequency response: unknown
  • Dynamic: unknown


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