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Founded as Gesellschaft für drahtlose Telegraphie m.b.H., System Telefunken on efforts of Wilhelm II from the news activities of AEG (Georg Graf von Arco and Adolf Slaby) at the Kabelwerk Oberspree and Siemens & Halske, the company started in 1903 with 33 employees and 52 Reich patents of both companies. The share capital of this "joint venture" was 300,000 gold marks, with AEG and Siemens each holding 50% of the shares. The management was taken over by Graf von Arco, who was 34 years old at the time. The Telefunken brand was registered as a trademark with the Imperial Patent Office on November 11, 1903. This had previously been a Telefunken address of Siemens & Halske.

Telefunken has been building radio transmitters and receivers under its brand name since 1923. The consumer electronics division (radio and television sets and HIFI components) was spun off in 1972 into an independent company, TELEFUNKEN Fernseh und Rundfunk GmbH, based in Hanover. In 1983, the company was taken over by the French group Thomson-Brandt.

As of 2019, approximately 35 companies worldwide use the TELEFUNKEN brand name and develop, produce and distribute TELEFUNKEN products in over 100 countries. The owner of the brand rights since 2004 is TELEFUNKEN Licences GmbH, based in 60325 Frankfurt.


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