Akai X-300



  • Manufacturer: Akai
  • Model: X-300
  • Type: Reel-to-reel tape with built-in amplifier
  • Years of manufacture: 1965 - 1968
  • Made in: Japan
  • Color: silver, cabinet wood walnut
  • Original price approx.: 1'998 DM

Technical data

Akai X-300-Daten.jpg

Special Features

  • Crossfield audio head system: in the Crossfield audio head system, the so-called bias magnetization of the tape is not performed by the recording/playback head, as is generally the case, but by a separate audio head (bias head) located opposite the aforementioned recording/playback head. This audio head arrangement allows signal modulation over the entire audio frequency spectrum without any interference from bias magnetization as is the case with other audio head systems.
  • Automatic band cut-off
  • Separate high and low frequency controls
  • Multiplay
  • Echo
  • Vertical and horizontal operation possible

  • Excerpt from brochure: Akai Crossfield sound head system

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  • Excerpt from brochure: Akai X-300

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