Accuton C50-8-043


This model emerged from the Accuton C50-8-44 and was developed together with Michael Weidlich especially for the Myro Time 2 and the interaction with the Mundorf AMT26-Myro-V2. For a smooth transition to the midrange, a midrange driver is needed that is able to transmit quickly and cleanly even in the highs. The symmetrical arrangement of the midrange drivers around the AMT and the small distances between the cones also allow for good vertical dispersion. This is fulfilled by the Accuton C50 midrange domes. The standard model Accuton C50-8-44 with the brand typical ears converts unwanted vibrational energy into heat and thus dampens the cone resonances. However, this does not happen completely and leaves a frequency response characteristic that is not easy to filter. For the Time 2 Accuton therefore provided a model variant without the usual cut-outs. The diaphragm of the Accuton C50-8-043 is more stable than that of the Accuton C50-8-044 and has a better impulse response. In addition, there is less series dispersion without ears. Right and left speakers are therefore not only the same, there is also the advantage of identical crossover circuits and components; all advantages for stable stereo reproduction. The interplay between AMT and C50 is therefore perfect. The three drivers play like one chassis, almost or even better than a point source.


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