Well, the research and history section is not exactly objective...

No, probably comes from an advertising brochure...

May 2016 again somewhat objectified[edit]

Let's see if the Onkyo freaks can stand this now no longer 1:1 from the page page.

Kind regards, Analoghatwas

Dear Charly, today (June 8, 2018) you have added here again promotional textual passages. Here it concerns however a wiki, compare that calmly times with the Wikipedia. Some of it I've clarified, some passages would have to be worded more factually again. Since I would like no Edit was, now here this reference. It would be best if you could adjust the flowery passages yourself.
" Hardly any other manufacturer in the HiFi industry can show a development like Onkyo. " Could you please justify this factually? I would delete this sentence, because in my opinion the deeper content is missing.

Or " In addition to new innovative products: what are they?

"exclusive technical concepts:" Are the concepts mentioned really 'exclusive'? Does no competitor have anything comparable and is thus also far behind Onkyo, especially in terms of sound quality?

I would also like to question the section on contemporary history: does it really matter in which year which national company was founded? Surely that can be presented in a more compact way . . .

History section in a nutshell: regain its reputation as a .... regain, how does that work?, or some extremely competent audio components: when is an audio component extremely competent??
Very much hope for your understanding or info here on the discussion page. MfG--Analoghatwas (Discussion) 20:00, 8 Jun 2018 (CEST)