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would it not be advantageous to insert so-called building blocks like wikipedia?? so it would be possible that you can add certain pages in categories such as 'Non_templates_compliant' or similar. The advantage is that you can mark times all pages so, and when more time is available, you can then revise them. would help of course!!! --Pfuender 21:33, 20 Jul 2007 (CEST)
I find the idea very good! I had thought about something similar before, but somehow didn't follow it up. A classification similar to the one on your user page (non-template compliant, short articles/deletion candidates) seems to make sense to me for a start --Gero 17:56, 22 Jul 2007 (CEST)
Ok, I moved the suggestions to a separate page (User:Pfuender/Todo) You can move it where you want. Of course you can also adjust the page if it doesn't suit you optically. --Pfuender 19:34, 22 Jul 2007 (CEST)
So, I have created 2 corresponding text modules. See the Help page for more info. --Gero 15:38, 7 Aug 2007 (CEST)
Ingenious! You can remove my page (User:Pfuender/Todo) at the next opportunity. GRZ --Pfuender 20:43, 7 Aug 2007 (CEST)
How about information about specific series or products: "Series X devices were produced from 1978-1984 and were entry-level devices. In this, device Y had the additional equipment A compared to device Z."

How about the additional addition of all the templates about it being an analog or digital device? Especially with the older devices without pictures this would be of highest interest. Greeting Oli 26.08.09

Missing: Category portable devices or portable radio?

For the new entry of a portable radio Neckermann FM-AM 10Transistor Art.-Nr.822-96 a category is missing, or does this fall under Portable?
Or "exotics" that don't exist yet either? Or exotics just run like that?

Since I can't write anything in the "desired categories", question placed here on the main page.

Best regards, Analoghatwas