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An E !!!has nothing lost in a HiFi system!!,either it sounds or it doesn't - junk.HW

moin, how can an equalizer be a HiFi device ?: That is an ananchronism in itself! Distortion factor is not, because no amplifier - and frequency response linear does not go with such a thing ... or am I wrong?

You're completely wrong.

With all controls set to 0, the frequency response of an equalizer must be linear. And it is, with the exception of some cheap products, very linear, i.e. within ±0.1-0.2 dB.

And an equalizer also has a distortion factor, but this is very low and usually below the level of an amplifier.

Also the fairy tale of the noise generator equalizer is not true. Noise levels of over 100dB are not that rare with equalizers, over 90dB is actually possible with any device.

The purpose of an equalizer is to compensate frequency response errors. Usually these are frequency response errors caused by the room or the positioning of the loudspeakers.

Greetings Roman