Nubert Equalizer

ATM modules / ABL modules

For all loudspeakers in its product range, Nubert offers an equalizer module (Active Tuning Module (ATM)) specifically matched to the respective loudspeaker type. The predecessor of the ATM modules were the ABL modules. The ATM or ABL module is inserted between the preamplifier and the power amplifier of the amplifier chain, or if there is no possibility of insertion, the ATM module provides the corresponding switching possibilities. The module raises the - physically conditioned - falling frequency response of the loudspeaker in the lower frequency range before the amplification mirror-inverted to the without ABL/ATM module real running frequency response, so that a linearization is achieved and thereby the lower cut-off frequency of the loudspeaker is shifted downwards by up to one octave depending on the loudspeaker model. At the same time, the signal is attenuated steeply below the new cut-off frequency, which leads to a mechanical relief of the (woofer) loudspeaker and thus also to a power relief of the downstream amplifier (power amplifier). A speaker \"grown\" in this way loudspeaker \"grows\" aurally easily to twice its actual volume. As a further feature of the ABL/ATM module, the frequency response can be tilted linearly by up to ±7 dB (referred to 20 kHz) over the entire transmissible frequency range. This results in an ideal possibility of influencing the frequency response of connected (Nubert) loudspeakers for certain listening habits (for example, a linear frequency response drop of -3 to -4 dB is typically measurable in a concert hall occupied by listeners). From an auditory physiological point of view, a frequency response that gently slopes towards the high frequencies results in stress and fatigue-free listening, even over a longer period of time.

The extension of the bass depth is infinitely variable, as is the frequency response influence mentioned in the above description.

The ABL modules were first introduced (<Jahr>) for the higher-end NuWave and NuLine speaker series. The successful NuBox 380 model from the lower-priced series also received an ABL. In the same year the <Jahr>ATM modules were introduced for the NuWave and NuLine series as a further development, which allowed more flexible connection and control options and were equipped with a more elaborate housing</Jahr>. <Jahr>With the release of the ATM, the simpler ABLs also became available for all boxes in the NuBox series. Since 2010, the ABL modules have been discontinued. ATMs are now also available for the NuBoxes.

ABL Series[edit]

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