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Company profile[edit]

NAD stands for "New Acoustic Dimension". A team of hi-fi enthusiasts formed around manager Marty Borish and developer Bjorn Erik Edvardsen in London to launch the 'New Acoustic Dimension' project - NAD for short - in 1972. Already with the first NAD models, which came on the market around 1975, large development expenditure was put into the components and the sound tuning. Later, the optical design of the devices was kept minimalist, which has remained so until today.

The new NAD headquarters are located in Canada, where every new NAD model is designed and developed. As in the early years, production is carried out to exact NAD specifications in selected manufacturing facilities.

Designed by NAD specialists, the first series of Models 60, 90, 120, 140, 160, 160a, 200 and 300 were manufactured for NAD by Foster Electric in Japan using the finest components. Foster Electric (now Foster Electronics) dates back to 1949, when S. Nishimura and H. Shinohara founded the Shinano Onkyo Institute in Shibuya, Tokyo to build high quality loudspeakers. Shinano Onkyo Co, Ltd. then became Foster Electric in 1959. Foster Electric has been committed to manufacturing high quality audio electronics equipment from its inception to the present day, and today (2007) employs over 30,000 people worldwide.

Today, the devices are manufactured in Taiwan according to NAD specifications. Since the 1990s, NAD has been manufacturing in China, and the equipment manufactured by Fulet in Taiwan enjoys cult status.




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