Musical Fidelity B200-X

Relatively rare class B amp from the series of the well known class A amps A-1/A-1x/David as well as A100/A120 (limited version with chrome front and gold switches/controllers/A200/ Avalon (in Far East as A200DM=double mono design, 2 rink core transformers per channel and 80.000mF capacity).

Stereo integrated amplifier

  • Manufacturer: Musical Fidelity
  • Model: B200-X
  • Years of manufacture:1986/87
  • Made in: England
  • Colour: black
  • Dimensions (W/H/D):
  • Weight: approx 5-6 kg
  • Original price: ?

Connections Inputs and sensitivity

Phono MC 250 V

Phono MM 2.5mV

CD 150mV

Tuner 150mV

Tape 150mV

Aux 150mV

Signal-to-noise ratios

Phono MC -55dB

Phono MM -60db Line inputs -75dB

Power Consumption 250 watts peak

Technical data 60 watts per channel sine wave typical 78 watts at 8 ohms and no more than 0.5% distortion

105 watts+105 watts dynamic power absolute maximum.

Special Features Hitachi MosFet output transistors, ensure very warm/round sound reproduction and rich bass, of course if the match with the speakers is right, those with high efficiency logically best. Wonderful also with speakers with bright/brilliant sound character (metal/aluminium dome tweeter!!!).


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