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Company profile[edit]

Wikipedia writes about Marantz including: "Marantz is an American-Japanese manufacturer of hi-fi and home theater equipment. American Saul Bernard Marantz began designing and handcrafting amplifiers in 1951 in Kew Gardens (New York borough of Queens). In 1953, the Marantz Company was founded in Long Island City, New York (44-15 Vernon Blvd.). The following year, electrical engineer Sidney Stockton Smith joined the company and developed the Model 2 in 1956. In 1972, Saul Marantz participated in the founding of speaker manufacturer Dahlquist. In May 2001, Marantz Japan Inc. took over the trademark rights and distribution for Europe and the USA from Philips. In 2002, Marantz merged with rival Denon to form D & M Holdings Inc, which was later renamed D+M Group. In 2008, Philips ended its 28-year association with Marantz."

Definitions of terms (not company specific)[edit]

  • Oscilloscope
  • Tangential tone arm
  • Marantz Auto Azimuth Control (MAAC).



Turntable Manuals[edit]


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