KEF SP 1032

Type of T27 tweeter chassis used in the 1970s:
KEF Cresta, KEF Cresta Mk II, KEF Coda, KEF Corelli or KEF Cadenza, for example, but also built into the Rogers BBC LS3/5a.



  • Manufacturer: KEF
  • Model: T27
  • Year built: 1970s.
  • Manufactured in:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
  • Original price approx:

Technical Data

  • Construction type: (cone/ dome/...)
  • Diameter:
  • Power handling:
  • Frequency response: in above KEF models up to 30 kHz, in the KEF Coda up to 40 kHz.
  • Sound pressure level:

Thiele-Small parameter'

  • Impedance (Zmax):
  • Power (Pe):
  • Diaphragm area (Sd):
  • Resonant frequency (Fs):
  • DC resistance (Re):
  • Voice coil inductance (Le):
  • Mechanical Q-factor (Qms):
  • Electrical Q-factor (Qes):
  • Total Q (Qts):
  • Equivalent volume (Vas):
  • Diaphragm displacement volume (Vd):
  • Drive factor (Bxl):
  • total moving mass (Mmd):
  • effective moving mass (Mms).
  • mechanical losses (Rms):
  • Diaphragm Stroke (Xmax/Xmech):
  • Efficency Bandwith Product (EBP):

Special Features

  • list here


Other models of the same series: A6340, n.n.