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Hello, I noticed that in the manufacturer list still some are missing e.g. Exclusive (Highend brand of Pioneer from ca.1970-2000) and Victor (High end brand of JVC). Greetings Detlef

The list is of course not complete, I'm afraid there are still a few hundred manufacturers missing. The practical thing is, that everybody can add the missing things by himself. Here is a step-by-step guide. It's quick and you can't break anything! --Gero

Victor is not a high-end brand as JVC, but the company name in Japan.

In Japan there were no devices under the name JVC, they are called Victor there.

Also some other brands have different names in Japan: Akai = A&D Hitachi = LoD Mitsubishi = Diatone Toshiba = Aurex (Here in Germany the name "Toshiba Aurex" was used for the higher quality products)

Also Exclusive did not exist as a brand here, but only in the USA and Japan. Here were only a few devices under the brand Pioneer with the type designation Exclusive....

Also many devices in other countries had other type designations. Sony stands out especially. The tape TC-K 970 for example was called TC-K 555 ESG in Japan, the TC-K 990 ES was called TC-K 555 ESL and so on.

I would dedicate myself first of all only to the devices offered in Germany/Europe, that is already enough work.

Greetings Roman

Hi, I just wanted to note that it would make more sense to pack the list of manufacturers on one page instead of dividing it into 200 pieces. Thus, one saves the annoying click through to the Hersteler XYZ.

Alternatively, you could maybe at least show an alphabet to jump directly to a specific letter to be able to.

Thank you.

Greetings Ben