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Company profile[edit]

Tables Vibration Audio is a project whose goal was to create "furniture" combining elements most desired by audiophiles. These include elimination of vibrations, combined with the highest quality workmanship and high aesthetic values.

The tables were designed for the best audio systems. Their high quality is a result of a manual execution of each of the elements. Each table audio is a challenge for us. We do not produce in mass, with passion product able to meet the high requirements of phile. During its implementation we take care of every detail, so that not only has become another important element of the audio system, but also that was such a beautiful piece of furniture in the place where it was placed.

We design and tables audio-guided creation by the requirements and wishes of future owners. We use a wide range of materials for countertops of granite, marble, wood, domestic and exotic, MDF in various finishes (veneer, lacquer in any RAL color).

As the building blocks of a metal frame use high-strength carbon structural steel: S and S 235JR 355J2H. Connecting the individual sections of steel is done without "introducing" carbon deposits, inert gas argon. The result is a very strong connection of two steels, which helps to extinguish the resonance, and the connection look glued together.

To meet the expectations audiophiles, we can choose one of two suspension systems plates:

Cones vibration - made of carbon steel, in addition to nickel and chrome - in addition to high capacity heavy components eliminate audio good way to support the vertical shake.

      The system is based on the bearing tungsten - consisting of two grippers and bearings of tungsten carbide forms an excellent foundation for sound sources such as CD players or turntables. Selecting bearing tungsten (94% tungsten carbide 6% cobalt) as part of the transmission of vibrations in horizontal contributes to a significant improvement of sound, in particular systems sound sharp, metallic. This system tops "float" in all directions in a horizontal position.

We offer different models to meet the requirements of each phile, however, is not a problem execution table of each project or any modification of any of the models already available.


Audio Furniture: 1st table Audio CLASSIC F3 - A table designed for three audio devices. 2. table Audio MODERN F3 - A table designed for three audio devices. 3. table Audio CUT F3 - A table designed for three audio devices. Table Audio TOWER F4 - A table designed for four audio devices. 5. table Audio SLIM F3 - A table designed for three audio devices. 6. table Audio BIZON F6 - A table designed for six audio devices. 7. table Audio EXTEND F4 - A table designed for four audio devices.

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