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Company profile[edit]

A small but very fine loudspeaker company with high quality products, located in or near Braunschweig to my knowledge. The company doesn't exist anymore since 2001 (2008), but was active since 1990. The product range included several loudspeaker models and high-end cables, covering the range from compact to large floorstanding loudspeakers. Very high quality workmanship, elaborate constructions and best materials were used. Amongst other things, elaborately modified Scan-Speak, Focal, Galm-Audio, Beyma drivers as well as Manger and Lowther transducers were used. Audio Quasar used among others the Ennemoser C37 lacquer on different chassis like Manger, Scan-Speak and Focal dome tweeters, Lowther, Beyma TT and so on.

Afterwards the developer of the company changed to Burmester Audiosysteme / Berlin where he designed amongst others the loudspeakers B100 (High End Award 2005 for the B100: "Best sound of show", Test Audio 4/06 "Enormously dynamic loudspeaker, jumping sound. More joie de vivre is not possible." Test verdict: Outstanding Reference Class Furthermore, he developed the Burmester proto series of the B30 and B25 models. Likewise, he was involved in the Burmester automotive projects for Bugatti and Porsche.

Products of Audio Quasar[edit]


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