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Company profile[edit]

Loudspeaker manufacturer founded in 1973. Since 2003, hi-fi electronics are also produced under this name. Today's company Arcus Elektroakustik is no longer connected with the former company.

Originally, the "makers" of Arcus Elektroakustik - a small company that initially produced in a one-floor apartment in Düsseldorfer Strasse in Berlin - set out to offer the highest quality loudspeakers at an affordable price. Klaus Heinz, Holger Fehsenfeld and Heiner Basil Martion, who left Arcus in 1976, were the founders of ARCUS. Klaus Heinz, whose father is the Nobel Prize winner Ernst Ruska, was inspired by the American loudspeakers that dominated the hi-fi scene in the 1970s. After a short time, a meteoric rise began and the products became references in almost every segment of HiFi magazines. The production was soon moved to the south of Berlin to produce hi-fi speakers on two floors at Teltower Damm 283.

ARCUS wanted to expand and so it came to a cooperation with the company GRUNDIG. Arcus Elektroakustik produced the newly created GRUNDIG loudspeaker line FineArts in Berlin. This was the beginning of the difficulties for the company. After this "adventure" ARCUS cooperated with the company Lautsprecher Teufel and built the loudspeakers ArtLine 1, 2 and 3 developed by Peter Tschimmel. These loudspeakers were based on an ingenious design concept by Le Corbusier (Red and Blue Series), and are unfortunately not included in the product listing below. After Holger Fehsenfeld (today Font Shop AG) left the company, a manager from the video cassette production segment was hired who prioritized quantity instead of philosophy and quality. This was the beginning of the decline of ARCUS in the production of high quality HiFi loudspeakers, and it ended in bankruptcy.

Klaus Heinz founded the company A.R.E.S. and pursued there his active loudspeakers already developed at ARCUS together with the Heil Airmotion Transformer. However, the company A.R.E.S. was also not sustainable and was bought by the company Elac. Later the A.R.E.S. brand was integrated into the Elac brand. Their JET tweeters have their origin in the AMT of the A.R.E.S speakers.

ARCUS loudspeakers are still highly sought after by connoisseurs today - even if they are relatively unknown to the masses. Co-founder Klaus Heinz, developed ADAM Audio renowned sound transducers that are especially in the studio area as a benchmark to be called.

From the original ARCUS crew at least one more personality emerged to carry on the "virus". Marco Holzapfel, who has been working with Klaus Heinz ( HEDD Heinz Electrodynamic Designs ) since 1978 ( Arcus Elektroakustik ), runs a HiFi and High End Shop in Berlin and is known as an Accuphase specialist in the scene.


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