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Company profile[edit]

Arcam designs and manufactures very high quality hi-fi and home cinema products at its headquarters in Cambridge, formed in 1972 at the university of the same name. Arcam has been part of Harman International since July 2017.

Since 1976, Arcam has strived to develop the best possible performance for music or cinema enjoyment. Where possible and where necessary, the latest technological developments are applied, but always on the premise of "as simple as possible". Arcam prides itself on making products that last; 20 years and more is no exception.

The company began building sound reproduction equipment in 1972 - as science and technology students at Cambridge University. Many of the amplifiers available at the time were studied and much room for improvement was found. The Japanese mass-produced products were often just compromises in terms of sound, whereas English products - often very good in terms of sound - were often not very reliable. In the beginning, the products were only sold to local sound enthusiasts, but gradually the reputation began to spread.

By 1976, the very first hi-fi amplifier had been constructed, the A60. Fifty units were planned, but demand far exceeded planning: the A60 became a hi-fi classic, selling more than 30,000 units worldwide. Many of these amplifiers are still in use. The simplicity of the design with high quality materials used gave the A60 excellent sound quality as well as high reliability. Throughout the years Arcam has maintained the principle - simplicity and high quality materials - in all types of equipment, whether entry level amplifiers, tuners or top of the range CD players.

In over 30 years, Arcam has risen to the challenges presented by the accelerating development of new technologies; never losing sight of the customer. To maintain a performance edge, products are designed and manufactured to be upgradeable and durable from the outset. In addition, further technology and the wishes of the customers are taken into account. The result is numerous prizes and awards all over the world for products that deliver great performance, whether in music or home cinema: combinations that have led to the highest recognition from experts and home cinema fans worldwide.