Adam Hall Audio Thor

Brief description[edit]

The speaker system "THOR" is a 24 inch (60 cm) woofer, which is used as a subwoofer.



  • Manufacturer:Adam Hall Audio
  • Model:THOR 24" woofer
  • Years of manufacture:1996
  • Manufactured in:
  • Colour:black
  • Dimensions (W/H/D):600 mm diameter
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Original price approx.: used 600 DM

Connections + and -

Specifications -Diameter: 24" (60 cm) -impedance: 4 Ohm -power handling: 800 W RMS -Sound pressure 1W / 1m: 97 dB -transmission range: 20 Hz - 1 kHz -flux density: 9700 Gauss -diaphragm: carbon fibre -coil diameter: 5 -coil depth: 1.34" -Weight: 25 kg -Fs: 25,5 Hz Re: 4 Ohm -Qms: 9.16 -Qes: 0,49 -Qts: 0.47 -Vas: 715.59 l -Cms: 111.76 mycro m/N -Mms: 375 g -Sd: 2174 cubic cm -Le: 1.14 mH

Special Features The heavy carbon fiber cone is ribbed for high damping and improved stability: even abyssal tones remain tight and defined. A double-corrugated elastic suspension of plasticized fabric provides linear excursion of the diaphragm. The pole core-pole plate combination of the massive magnet system is made of steel, and the voice coil is optimally cooled by the large ventilation opening. The magnet system and diaphragm of the THOR 24" woofer are precisely fitted with a lightweight, torsion-free basket made of die-cast aluminium.


Here one can actually no longer speak of a subwoofer; more appropriate would be "earthquake simulator". Even at low volume, all objects that can pick up sound waves and are capable of vibrating develop a life of their own. Special care should be taken with glass panes, which make themselves heard by clanging (and interfere with the enjoyment of the music). Below: Picture 1: The piece in the living room. Picture 2: Bass fan Postmausi testing the bass. Picture 3: Postmausi experiences a deep bass massage in the subnormal range.


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