Active Tuning Module

Template:Delete candidate For all loudspeakers in the product range, Nubert offers a so-called ATM module (Active Tuning Module) specifically matched to the respective loudspeaker type. The ATM module is looped in between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier of the amplifier chain, or if there is no possibility of looping in, the ATM module provides corresponding switching possibilities. The module raises the - physically determined - falling frequency response of the loudspeaker in the lower frequency range before amplification in a mirror image, so that the maximum possible lower cut-off frequency of the loudspeaker is shifted downwards by - depending on the model - up to one octave. At the same time the signal below the new cut-off frequency is attenuated steeply, which leads to a mechanical relief of the (bass) loudspeaker and additionally to an electrical relief of the downstream amplifier / power amplifier. A loudspeaker "tuned" in this way will easily "grow" to twice its actual volume. As a further feature of the ATM module, the frequency response can be tilted linearly by up to ±7 dB (referred to 20 kHz) over the entire frequency range. This results in a very natural frequency response of the connected (Nubert) loudspeakers for certain listening habits (for example, a linear frequency response drop of -3 to -4 dB is typical in a concert hall filled with listeners). From an auditory physiological point of view, a gently sloping frequency response results in stress and fatigue-free listening, even over a longer period of time.

The extension of the bass depth is infinitely variable, as is the frequency response.