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Company profile[edit]

The company Acron was founded in Bad Vilbel in 1975 (entry in the commercial register: 01.09.1975) by a former employee of Braun, the engineer Franz Petrik. Mr. Petrik had played a major role in the development of loudspeakers at Braun. At the beginning of the 80's this company gained a legendary reputation in the hi-fi community, because they built reasonably priced loudspeakers of about 250-800DM per unit, which regularly won tests in audio magazines. Especially cult were the miniboxes made of solid aluminium cabinets of the 100, 200 and 300 series (200 and 300 were also available as cheaper "wooden versions"). Unfortunately, after many years it became apparent that the foam surrounds of the bass drivers of the 100-200-600 series were disintegrating. The company is no longer in existence since 2002 (deletion in the commercial register: 09/16/2002).

From the late 90s on Acron speakers were offered by the company G. Plato in 72805 Lichtenstein. The logo differs slightly from the original logo.

Franz Petrick was later (199x) sued by his ex-employer, Braun AG (or was it already a/d/s), and lost the lawsuit about the concept of these ALU small speakers (Acron 100) developed by him (but then at Braun) allegedly also in the second instance and thus the (financial) fate of Mr. Petrick was sealed. He never recovered from this and now lives deeply embittered and (in 2011) slightly confused and no longer responsive in a retirement or nursing home.


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