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Company History When I started to build amplifiers and loudspeakers in 1986, my apartment was filled with all kinds of equipment. In 1989 the wish arose to make a profession out of the longtime hobby. I spent many hours in the workshop etching circuit boards, assembling equipment, testing and listening to samples. In 1996 I founded my own company: Akustik Perfekt. I put my energy into the development of CD players, amplifiers and electrostatic dipole speakers, all devices with interesting electronic and mechanical finesses. The turntables came from Philips. The peripheral electronics were my own development. I decided at that time to get a foothold in the DIY market. Tests in "Hobby-Hifi" followed, also local newspapers wrote about Akustik Perfekt. Since the market launch in 1998 I distribute electronic and mechanical kits worldwide. A second, very important field of activity was and is electroacoustics. Since 2000 I have successfully completed many projects with professional sound and media technology from planning to commissioning. In the meantime, I am primarily involved in the development of professional sound reinforcement solutions with BOSE systems. I can now look back on 20 years of experience in this field. 15 years of it I work independently.

For a long time I have found a reliable partner in BOSE, with whom I work on many projects. Since the summer of 2010, the Chinese empire is moving closer to us. Akustik Perfekt as a distribution partner takes care of the development of a distribution of the Chinese company AUNE, which produces high quality audio equipment, in Germany and Europe. We refine the devices and rework them for the German and European market.


We would like to inspire you

"To convey messages through music that cannot be grasped in words, to awaken feelings through music and to bring them to consciousness - these are important goals of musicians. Music is communication!"

                                                                                                                            (Hanns Eßler)

With our high-quality and extraordinary products we do not only want to reproduce true to the original, but also to convey messages.


Just as musicians are virtuosos of their instruments, a good audio system should be able to lift the restrictions of sterility. With its technology, it should build a bridge between the musicians and their listeners without itself coming to the fore.

Our audiophile products are designed to give you a pleasant way of listening. This is achieved through the neutrality and naturalness of the reproduction. Rounded off by the aesthetics of the design.