Accuphase C-222



  • Manufacturer: Accuphase
  • Model: C-222
  • Years of manufacture:
  • Made in:
  • Color:
  • Type: Digital/Analog
  • Remote control: no
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions: 44,5 x 12,8 x 37,3 cm
  • Weight: 9,7 KG
  • Original price approx.: 5200,- DM


  • Number of inputs: 7

Phono(Head amp off) MM: 2.0mV/0.5mV/47kohm phono (head amp+26dB): 0.1mV/0.025 mV/10ohm, 30ohm, 100ohm phono (head amp+32dB): 0.05mV/0.0125 mV/10ohm, 30ohm, 100ohm tuner, line, and tape play:126mV/31.5mV/20kohm

  • Number of outputs: 4
    • list the outputs here (with level/impedance)

Technical Data

  • Frequency response:
    • Tuner, Line, Tape play : 1.0Hz-500kHz+0 -3.0 dB 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB
    • Phono: 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
  • Distortion Ratio:
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
  • Stereo Channel Separation:
  • Tone control:
    • Bass:
  • Treble:
  • Loudness:
  • High Filter:
  • Low Filter (Subsonic): yes
  • Mute: yes
  • Direct/Line-Straight:
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%

Special Features

  • here, if available


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Picture:Accuphase C-222.JPG


This absolute HighEnd preamplifier belonged to the reference class! In the development of the C-222 Accuphase has put the emphasis on a very high phono quality.

The C-222 is constructed with a direct coupling circuit, which allows it to produce an exceptionally precise sound. This means that there are no capacitors in the signal path in the entire circuit from input to output! The unit is designed as a cascode amplifier in a continuous push-pull configuration. This circuit technique is particularly well suited for very clean voltage amplification!

The C-222 was reference class in all tests. The former new price was 5200,- DM.

The power supply alone is quite something. When looking at the power supply, one gets the impression that this is more of a power amplifier than a preamplifier. From here, all amplifier stages are supplied separately with regulated current, which gives the overall concept an incredible stability.

The sound of this unit is very fine resolving. What music signals are "uncovered" is quite astonishing. You suddenly hear things that you never noticed before. That speaks volumes. The MM + MC phono stages are exemplary in sound and fidelity! The beautifully brushed and champagne-coloured aluminium front panel and also the polished side panel give the C-222 a very noble appearance, just as it should be for a high-ender of this class.

Behind the hinged lower front panel, which by the way is also very solidly attached, are all the controls that are not often needed. These include a headphone jack, switches for switchable outputs for both Line Out and Rec Out, Tapemonitor A and B, stereo / mono and subsonic switches, impedance rotary selector for MC, gain selector for phono, compensation selector (loudness) in two stages and the balance control.

The display panel informs you of the current operating status or which mode you have just selected. This includes the display of the operating mode Rec, Tape, Stereo/Mono, Subsonic, MM/MC, and Compensation (Loudness).

The knob on the volume control is perfectly mounted, i.e. there is no play or "wobbly" mounting at all! The knob sits really tight, as you would expect from a device of this class. But this kind of workmanship is also typical for Accuphase!

The inputs! For the phono connection there is a little "tidbit" here. When using an MM cartridge, the input capacity can be adjusted to the connected system via a rotary switch on the rear panel. A very practical thing, in my opinion. On the output side there are two output sockets. Two power amplifiers could be connected to them, e.g. for bi-amping.

This is a high-end device of the absolute reference class! Qualitatively, the preamplifier is much higher quality than most Accuphase integrated amplifiers, and they are already proverbially very good.