Aaron No. 22 Cineast

Short description[edit]

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  • Manufacturer: High End Vertriebs GmbH, Über dem Kampe 41, D-31008 Elze
  • Model: Aaron No. 22 Cineast
  • years of construction: from 2002
  • Made in: Netherlands
  • Colour: Aaron silver, night shadow
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 430 x 105 x 370mm
  • Weight: 11 kg (shipping weight)
  • Original price approx.: 2.490 €

Connections 2 x 6 channel + 6 x 2 channel high level RCA (Cinch) gold plated

Technical data Distortion: THD 0.0064% 1V/1Khz; TIM 0.0041% 1V/50Hz/7Khz 4:1; Noise margin -107dB; Bandwidth 5Hz - 100Khz -3dB; Input impedance 47KOhm; Output impedance 1Ohm; Slew Rate 28V/µS '

Special Features The preamplifier is DC-coupled, input selection is via airtight, gold-plated relays, volume control is via a resistor network controlled by a digital controller, each input and output channel is adjustable in 1dB steps (down to -16dB)switchable from 2 to 4 channel playback, outputs for front speaker, rear speaker (for 2 channel playback stereo output for 2nd power amplifier for bi-amping), center speaker and subwoofer; infrared remote control'


Stereo power amplifier Aaron No.3 Millennium, 3-channel power amplifier Aaron No.33 Cineast


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