ATL Transfer



first version

  • Manufacturer: Phonogen
  • Years of manufacture: 1987-1988
  • Made in: Germany
  • Color: black, veneer, made to order
  • Dimensions: 403 x 1745 x 400 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • New price approx: from DM 10.000,- / pair

second version

  • Manufacturer: ATL Electro Acoustics Sales Company Ltd.
  • Years of manufacture: 1989-94
  • Made in: Germany
  • Colour: 170 RAL colours + veneers
  • Dimensions: 400 x 1725 x 320 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • New price approx.: from DM 12.000,- / pair

Technical Data

  • Type: 3-way floorstanding speaker with equalizing ports, line source direct radiator
  • drivers:
    • Woofer: 8x 210 x 210 mm flat diaphragm.
    • midrange: 9x 10 cm LPM100 with flat dome (Phonogen pre series with normal cone)
    • tweeter: 4x 170 x 40 mm magnetostat / "linear field transducer
  • Power handling (nominal/music): 300 Watt (Phonogen), 250/350 Watt (ATL).
  • Efficiency:
  • Operating power: 6.3 watts amplifier power for 90dB sound pressure at one meter (Phonogen).
  • Frequency response: 22 - 33,000 Hz (ATL)
  • Crossover: 150 / 3,000 Hz (Phonogen), 150 / 4,000 Hz (ATL)

Impedance: 6 Ohm (Phonogen), 4 Ohm (ATL)

Special equipment

  • on order: protective grille (Phonogen), additional base plate (Phonogen)

On 17.03.2001 the district court of Munich published the cancellation of the GmbH registered under the registration number HRB 86723.


The ATL Transfer is the second generation of the Phonogen Transfer introduced in 1987. Externally, the ATL is recognizable by its rectangular top and bottom panels, while the older Phonogen, above and below the row of woofers, has triangular extensions and, in the very early models, still has midrange drivers with dust covers.
Both generations are based on the same design features; however, the crossovers and drivers are not identical and cannot be interchanged between generations without modification.

Other models in the same series:


Phonogen Pre-series transfer:
ATL Transfer.jpg


  • Audio 12/87 (Phonogen transfer)
  • Audio 3/90 (ATL transfer)