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  • Manufacturer: JVC
  • Years of manufacture: 1970 - 1984
  • Subject: JVC cassette deck technology
    • JVC ANRS Automatic Noise Reduction System


  • ANRS was developed for quadrophony in 1970 (suppression of interference and noise- worked in the modulated difference signal) and was thus part of the demodulator circuit.
  • As a spin-off then used for cassette devices as a noise suppressor as a direct competitor for Dolby B.

"Super ANRS

  • With Super ANRS (compatible Dolby C) an improvement of the noise reduction at higher frequencies was done a little later.

In favour of Dolby C then approx. 1982 stopped

  • Excerpt from advertisement: JVC ANRS

Plattenspieler Technologie-4.jpg

  • Excerpt from brochure: JVC Super ANRS

Plattenspieler Technologie-4.jpg

  • Besides the built-in circuits, there were 2 external units:

  • Extract from brochure: JVC SEA-10 / JVC SEA-V 7E / JVC NR-1020

JVC SEA-10-Prospekt-3.jpg

  • Extract from brochure: JVC NR-50

JVC NR-50-Prospekt-1.jpg