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First time-aligned high-efficiency loudspeaker, developed by Michael Weidlich Audio on behalf of the distributor Audio Int'l, Frankfurt am Main. The cabinet is a parallelogram with a 5 degree slope.
At 27 Hz the bass reflex channel is tuned low. If the distance between the bottom of the speaker and the floor is increased, the tuning frequency is shifted upwards. If the spikes are screwed in deeper (= smaller distance), the bass reflex frequency is tuned even lower. So an adjustment to the room is possible.


  • type: floorstanding speaker
  • ways: 2
  • Cabinet: Bass reflex
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) = 132,8 cm x 45 cm x 54 cm

Original price: 20000 Euro

tweeter: Air Motion Transformer with horn and dipole
bass driver: Audio Technology, 38 cm


Additional information[edit]

Distribution: Audio Int'l


"The AMT Statement is a powerful loudspeaker that you have to put first. But if you take the plunge, you get a transducer that's as close to the source as it gets."
HiFi Test Loudspeaker Yearbook 2017 and online

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