ALR Jordan Basic 3

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   Manufacturer: ALR
   Model: Basic 3
   Year of manufacture: ca. 1990
   Made in: Essen (Germany)
   Colour: Black
   Dimensions: (W x H x D) 192 x 840 x 205 mm
   Weight: 11,1 kg
   Original price approx.: 1200 DM / pair

Technical Data

   speaker type: bass reflex
   drivers: 2x Vifa C13WG-16
            1x Vifa D25AG-06 metal dome tweeter
   power handling (nominal/music): 80 / 120 W
   Efficiency: unknown
   frequency response: 45 - 28000 Hz
   Crossover: unknown
   Impedance: 4 Ω

Special features

   - Sturdy screw terminals
   - Bass reflex port front and rear


   Clear sound with good three-dimensionality.
   Limited low bass due to the compact cabinet.
   Wood (chipboard or MDF) coated with plastic.
   Overall good workmanship.
   Test Stereoplay 12/1990: Upper middle class 2 (17-19 points)

Other models of the same series:

   Basic 2
   Basic 4


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