AEG Magnetophone K 2

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  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Year of manufacture: 1936

From the type K1 further developed device, practically identical in construction. When in November 1936 a concert recording of the London Philharmonic Orchestra under its director Sir Thomas Beecham was recorded with this device, broadcasting companies showed interest in this technology to replace the wax discs used until then.

Technical data:

  • Motors: 3
  • Tubes: 3 pieces (AF7, AL4, AZ1) [unconfirmed information].
  • Tape width: 6,5 mm
  • tape speed: 1 m/s
  • Frequency response: approx. 50 - 6000 Hz
  • Playing time: approx. 20 minutes.


This here as K1 called device is actually a device of the series K2 Telefunken K-1-Prospekt-1.jpg