AEG Magnetophone K9

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  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Year of manufacture: 1945 to approx. 1950

The device K9 is very similar to the K8. Außerlich striking difference are the angular keys with this equipment. Originally as a further construction, this device was also only designed for a tape speed of 76 cm/sec. But it got a pole-changing synchronous motor with 4 and 8 poles and could run two different tape speeds: 76,2 cm/sec. and 38,1 cm/sec. and was named K9u.

The sound head was mechanically the same as the K8.

It came with the corresponding amplifiers V66u (recording amplifier) and V67u (playback amplifier). Alternatively, the unit was also available in a stereo version, i.e. as a two-channel unit with 2 x 2 amplifiers each.

As a version for studios and broadcasting stations under the designation T9a, the unit was manufactured with an 8 or 16-pole motor, which allowed tape speeds of 38 cm/s and 19 cm/s, respectively.

In the course of the restructuring after the war, the responsibility for this device also changed: It was completely transferred from AEG to the subsidiary TELEFUNKEN, the production moved to newly purchased buildings in Wedel near Hamburg. The successor device was given the designation M10, M for magnetophone.

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Motors: 3
  • Tubes: ?
  • Tape width: 6,5 mm
  • Tape speed: 19 cm/s to 76,2
  • Frequency response: unknown
  • Dynamic: unknown


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