ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet MW Edition

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A "Michael Weidlich Edition" derived from the ABACUS Ampollo Dolifet. It is nuir distributed via Michael Weidlich Audio.

During the development of the Saphir Star it was noticed that the amplifier harmonizes very well with the speaker. Therefore, the speaker developer Michael Weidlich has developed together with Abacus a version improved in details. It differs in the following points:

  • WBT Plasma Protect binding posts: Mass storage effects and eddy currents are thus minimized.
  • high-purity solid core copper conductors (UP-OCC) as red cable connections inside.
  • seven fuses from AHP - Audiophile Hifi Products: The polished copper version is used, which is said to have above all better timing with correspondingly improved spatial imaging.

The upgrades are carried out directly at ABACUS in a separate production line. Upgrading to the MW edition is possible at a price of 1200,- € from.
New price: 5550 Euro


Additional information[edit]


A review of the normal version can be found at fairaudio

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