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Ohm was founded in 1972 specifically to develop and market speakers based on Lincoln Walsh’s patented design. The first model, the Ohm A, is still considered one of the all-time best speakers ever produced. In 1981, John Strohbeen (Ohm’s president) patented a design that addressed three issues with the original speaker;

now the stereo imaging could be heard from most listening positions, they can now be used near walls and normal amplifiers could drive the design while high power would not destroy them. Ohm went factory-direct in 1999 and redefined the speaker line-up from the traditional good-better-best (as the price went up) to the-best-we-can-make for small, medium and large rooms. With a 120-Day Home Trial, there is no risk in getting the wrong speaker.

Today, this technology has been refined and developed to build speakers for rooms as small as 9’ x 12’ up to rooms as large as 25’ x 40’. Ohm now offers the right speakers for music and home theater. Physical layout ranges from floor-standing to wall mounted. Custom versions for center-channels and surround as well as sub-woofer for complete combined music/theater systems are available.


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