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Help topics

Wiki newbies[edit]

An overview of the possibilities and function of the wiki software can be found in the Help of Wikipedia. Those who have never created an article in a wiki before should read the relevant introductions there. Most of the hints are also valid for the Hifi Wiki.

Creating new entries[edit]

Text modules[edit]

Text modules are used to mark up items and assign them to a specific category.

If you find an article that seems unfinished or in need of improvement, you can mark it with this module. This is useful, for example, if you do not have the time or desire to edit the article accordingly. The marked articles are then listed in the category Needs Work.
This module can be used to suggest articles for deletion.


Add {{needs work}} or {{deletion candidate}} to the top of the affected page.


The pictures should be self-created and not linked from other homepages (or manufacturers' pages). Some manufacturers have kindly given us permission to use official product images. A further use of these pictures (e.g. at eBay) is not permitted in this case! Also these pictures must be uploaded separately.

The images can now be uploaded on the Image Upload Page and then embedded into the articles as described on the same page.

  • To use an uploaded image in an article, write in place of the image:
[[image:filename.jpg]] or [[image:filename.jpg|description]]

PDF files[edit]

You can also upload PDF files (e.g. user manuals) Upload. To link an uploaded PDF file, enter the following in the corresponding article:

[[media:filename.pdf]] or [[media:filename.pdf|description]]

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