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Company profile[edit]

Products from are handmade in Germany for demanding sound engineers and lovers of high-quality sound systems in the highest quality. The main focuses are:

  • Highest possible sound quality
  • Simple operation
  • Durability due to high quality components
  • Sturdy housing with engraved inscriptions

The basis is decades of experience in the development of audio products.


CX decoder Phase Linear Model 220 for vinyl records[edit]

The Phase Linear CX-Decoder Model 220 is the first offering from a new series of hybrid vintage devices. Here, factory-new (NOS = New Old Stock) hi-fi classics are combined with modern electronics to bring the fascination of these devices to another generation. Age-critical components such as electrolytic capacitors are completely replaced by fresh quality goods.

Microphone splitter 659 for one channel[edit]

The Microphone Splitter 659 allows the distribution of a microphone signal to three microphone inputs, one of which provides phantom power if necessary, with virtually no loss of sound quality. The other two outputs are galvanically isolated. With a splitter you save microphones, stands, cables and setup time on stage or on set.

Microphone splitter 660 for three channels[edit]

With the microphone splitter 660 you get three splitters of the model 659 in one housing. This splitter is thus suitable for the increasingly used microphone arrays such as double MS or horizontal B-format according to Benjamin. Because of the possibility to produce surround mixes as well as stereo mixes with directional characteristics selectable in the mix by storing only three signals, these arrays enjoy increasing popularity.

Microphone splitter 661R for six channels[edit]

The microphone splitter 661 has a total of six splitters in a 19" housing (1 U) for rack mounting. This variant is particularly suitable for fixed stage installations. In addition to supplying the house system, the microphone signals can also be made available to an OB van at events, for example, without any additional setup effort. Cameras used at the same time can also be supplied with an atmospheric signal directly without additional microphones.


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